My Journey Into VFX

My goal

Creating digital magic, through digital innovation and using technology creatively. This to entertain and give a magical experience to the audience.

Persons that inspire me

Casey Neistat, David Heyman, David Yates, Dennis Muren, Devin Graham, J.J. Abrams, John Knoll, Michael Bay, Niko Pueringer, Ryan Booth, Ryan Connolly, Sam Gorski, Stuart Craig, Tim Burke and Walt Disney

Companies that inspire me

Adobe, Bad Robot, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Google, Framestore, ILMxLab, Industrial Light and Magic, Moving Picture Company, Pixar, Pixomondo, Rhythm and Hues Studios, Rising Sun Pictures, Rodeo FX, Sony Image Works, Territory Studio, The Mill, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros and Weta Digital

My Timeline

November 2016 – Created a task for the popular show “De Mol”.
November 2016 – Started creating graphics and digital contend for on set use for the fiction serie “De Dag”.
October 2016 – First official movie credit for as System Administrator for the movie “De Premier”.
September 2016 – Successful realistic fluid simulation in Cinema4D .
June 2016 – Promoted to Fulltime System Administrator at Woestijnvis NV.
April 2016 – Game operator for the TV gameshow “De Pappenheimers”.
March 2016 – First decent 360 VR video + game world.
January 2016 – Created graphics for onset use on the fiction serie “Callboys”.
January 2015 – Promoted to Helpdesk Technician/System Administrator at Woestijnvis NV.
September 2014 – First VFX shot in the title sequence of “Geubels en De Belgen”.
July 2014 – Started working at Woestijnvis NV as  Helpdesk Technician. And for its sister companies FBO, De Vijver Media and Flanders Classics.
June 2014 – Graduate as bachelor in the “Information and Communications Technology”.
April 2014 – Created first cinema worthy VFX shot.
February 2014 – Project leader graduation videos.
December 2013 – First successful worthy 3D and 2D Composting in After Effects.
September 2013 – Dreaming of a job in Film instead of ICT
Augusts 2013 – Hired as Videographer for the Thomas More College.
July 2013 – Visited the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden UK, aka The Making Of Harry Potter‎
March 2013 - First fully successful 3d motion tracking.
June 2012 – Top 10 place in VFX competition. (Recreated the scene and effects).
March 2013 - First fully successful 3d motion tracking.
February 2012 – Created first VFX short.
August 2011 – Discovered Corridor Digital.
May  2011 – First Lighting simulation in 3DS Max.
March 2011 - Successful 2D motion tracking.
February 2011 – Started recreating scenes form the Harry Potter movies.  
February 2011 - Created first VFX shot in After Effects.
January 2011 – Discovered Film Riot & Freddie W.
September 2010 – Started college education bachelor of “Information and Communications Technology”.
June 2004 - The interest in visual effects and filmmaking gets started (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).